Keyboarding Websites
We will not be using Keyboarding for Kids this year. We will be trying out a new website called It looks like it will be a great
tool to help our students improve their typing skills. Check it out.


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Typing Web

This is the main keyboarding program we will be using at school.
Students can use their login information and their practice at home
can be tracked, too. Practicing as often as you can will help you
develop this VERY IMPORTANT skill!

This is the site we will use most often for timed tests for grades, etc.
The link will take you right to the Test page.
Choose any of the classic tales - and 1 minute to practice.
You can click on the orange tabs at the top to do other activities.
This site has typing lessons, games, and tests.

BBC - Dance Mat Typing or Easy Typing Games

Fun Typing Lessons - Perfect for Beginner Typers!

Harder Typing Games

Fun Games for Typing Practice

Typing Test

A great testing site, plus typing games including Pac Man & Brick Breaker